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I have been practising my mermaids recently.

I think in the future I may either do a weave or illustration with them involved .

Ok, so first attempt, not bad.
But I need to make my sides straighter (by not pulling so hard) and use more texture View high resolution

Ok, so first attempt, not bad.

But I need to make my sides straighter (by not pulling so hard) and use more texture

Starting to design artwork for the Frog Prince.
All I know right now is that I am basing it in 1815 and it will be illustrated in black and white. Fingers crossed

So I have started designing a weave which I can hang on my living room wall.
Inspired by the techniques of Maryanne Moddie I have bought my wool and I am ready to start


A recent hobby which I have just started is weaving.

For My Mothers Birthday, I weaved her an grey alpaca wool scarf


Princess Practice

Children’s Illustration Books

By Ellie Moss

A gift for my sister who has turned 21. A story about a girl who transforms into a different Princess on her Birthday



The Escapist

[Short film by NFTS]

Director: Jon Plant

Producer: Miranda Ballesteros

D.O.P: Sebastian Adrian Peckitt

Production Designer: Thomas A Lowthion

Costume Designer: Ellie Moss:



[Short film by NFTS]

Pekka Saari - Director/Co-Writer/VFX

Franziska Lindner - Producer

Tristan Chenais - Cinematographer

Paul Savulescu - Production Designer

Tiago Petrica - Production Manager

Ellie Moss- Costume Designer


Earth To Sky

[Short film by NFTS]
Director: Pekka Saari
Production Manager: Tiago Petrica 
D.O.P: Sebastian Cort
Costume Designer: Ellie Moss:
Art Designer: Carolina Saludes


Ed Drewett- Undefeated

All Rights Reserved to Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Limited

Music video for which I did the costume for in Jul, my most stressfull project yet

The Ark [Esrael Alem & Filmawi Efrem]- Directors
Chuckie Boom - Producer 
Louise Pocock- Production Manager 
Sebastian Cort - Director of Photograph 
Imogen Forbes- Camera Assistant 
Ellie Moss- Costume Designer 
Edward Vijayavargiya - Gaffer/DIT
Rory Gordon - Editor 
'Samaveda Ram Krishna Tripathi - Grader /Online Editor 
Kathleen Squire- VFX
Trish O’Rourke- Makeup Artis

Ellie Moss

My website/portfolio

Hey all,

hope you are all well. I am keeping busy, completed a Ecocide rap parody music video at the beginning of the month and  I am currently designing and buying for another 2 upcoming music videos

watch this space ;)

A film made for London Sci-Fi’s 48 hours film challenge.
This is the re-edited version of the film. Our brief for the challenge was:
DIALOGUE: “Yeah, well what do you want, an autograph?”
PROP/ACTION: A dark liquid in a battered water bottle - a tablet is dropped in, fizzes and bubbles. A character takes a sip.

Director: Able Kohen
Producer Assistant Director: Jon Rowe
Producer: Vanessa Pope
DOP: Ben Millar
Screenplay: Michael Cumes
Production Designer: Ellie Moss
Script Supervisor Iossifidis
Music: Sim Eldem
Sound Designer: Mustafa Bal
Her: Victoria Clare
Him: Jed Shardlow
Interveiwer: Heln Oakleigh
Dealer: Hari Marini

L.A.C - Borstal Boy from The Ark on Vimeo.


Music Video whoch we filmed in December 2012 FINIALLY REALEASED

L.A.C- Borstal Boy

All Rights Reserved to Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Limited

Directer/Producer: Filmawi Efrem & Esrael Alem (The Ark)
Director of Photography: Sebastian Cort
Production Manager: Jessica Birch
1st Assistant Camera: Jennifer Eriksson
Production Designer: Declan O’Brien
Make-Up Artist: Charlotte Rutherford
Costume: Ellie Moss
Editor: Adriano De Mello
Colourist: Otto Burnham
Post House: The Mews


I am re-designing the Opera; The Mikado for a stage design compertition. Here are my moodboards for the theme, the gangsters and the schoolgirls